Learning and Organizational Development

What Is Learning and Organizational Development (OD)?


Organizational Development (OD) is the positive growth and development of organizations (companies) leveraging the ability and capacity of an organizations' people and its various groups.  Integrated in this development is a systematic and integrated process of informal and formal learning and development. 


By incorporating a model of learning and development in OD, we assist with collaborative learning, change management and development of leaders, their teams and all employees in order to create a system-wide culture of effectiveness and success as defined by the organization.




BMR Consulting and Training focuses on the development and engagement of employees and their business leaders, and the systems that serve the organization.  Leaders, employees, customers, clients, vendors and stakeholders are all part of the success or failure of an organization. 




We listen, observe and co-create to enhance organizational strengths and identify opportunities for transformation. Organizations know their people and, if we ask the right questions, we will get the answers to help your business grow their natural resources - people. As a result of this approach we can provide a variety of services:


  • Leadership and professional development
  • Instructional design expertise and customized support
  • Personalized training and development for people at all levels in the organization
  • Leadership and Team Coaching
  • Team development and employee engagement
  • Strategic planning and program management
  • Cultural change and inclusion
  • Talent assessment
  • Performance management systems
  • Organizational change initiatives
  • Coordination and alignment of learning initiatives and offerings system-wide in support of organizational goals